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SRI TULASI EDTECH provide the unique opportunity for students to demonstrate what they’ve been learning in a real-world work environment, as well as a chance for the student to determine that the field they are interested in is a good fit. Typically, externships are done for experience over pay. If they offer compensation at all, the amount is negligible. However, the benefit of completing an externship is the opportunity to learn in an occupational setting and confirm that you are on the right career path.Our interactive master classes simplifying difficulties in the practical understanding of today’s cutting-edge technologies.

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SRI TULASI EDTECH is an IT Training Institute providing high quality and interactive Online, Classroom and Corporate trainings. Our commitment has never been more relevant, and we take great pride in helping our learners stay ahead of the technology curve and succeed.

Our interactive master classes simplifying difficulties in the practical understanding of today’s cutting-edge technologies.

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Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines, especially computer systems. Specific applications of AI include expert systems, natural language processing, speech recognition and machine vision.In general, AI systems work by ingesting large amounts of labeled training data, analyzing the data for correlations and patterns, and using these patterns to make predictions about future states. In this way, a chatbot that is fed examples of text chats can learn to produce lifelike exchanges with people, or an image recognition tool can learn to identify and describe objects in images by reviewing millions of examples.


“The Internet of Things (IoT) is a system of interrelated computing devices, mechanical
and digital machines, objects, animals or people that are provided with unique
identifiers and the ability to transfer data over a network without requiring human-tohuman or human-to-computerinteraction.
Understanding Internet of Things is the next big things and KARD INDIA being the
provider of all latest and new technology which industry demands provides you the
updated IOT with all you require to get aware WHAT THE HACK THIS INTERNET OF

Block chain

As blockchain continues to grow and become more user-friendly, the onus is on you to learn this evolving technology to prepare for the future. If you are new to blockchain, then this is the right platform to gain solid foundational knowledge. In this article, you learn how to answer the question, “what is blockchain technology?” You’ll also learn how blockchain works, why it’s important, and how you can use this field to advance your career.

Data Science

A Coursera Specialization is a series of courses that helps you master a skill. To begin, enroll in the Specialization directly, or review its courses and choose the one you’d like to start with. When you subscribe to a course that is part of a Specialization, you’re automatically subscribed to the full Specialization. It’s okay to complete just one course — you can pause your learning or end your subscription at any time. Visit your learner dashboard to track your course enrollments and your progress.

Big data engineer

Thanks to accelerated digital transformation, data and AI, we’re creating new possibilities every day. If you can imagine it, we can now achieve it.

From data-powered everything to new products and experiences, our multi-disciplinary teams of AI and data specialists are applying their expertise ethically and responsibly to create meaningful change and measurable impact for businesses and society.

software foundation course ( c & c ++)

C is the basic programming language that can be used to develop from the operating systems (like Windows) to complex programs like Oracle database, Git, Python interpreter, and many more. C programming language can be called a god’s programming language as it forms the base for other programming languages.

C++ is an object-oriented programming language that supports the concept of classes and objects.

Cloud computing

Before loud computing existed, organizations had to purchase and maintain their own servers to meet business needs. This required buying enough server space to reduce the risk of downtime and outages, and to accommodate peak traffic volume. As a result, large amounts of server space went unused for much of the time. Today’s cloud service providers allow companies to reduce the need for onsite servers, maintenance personnel, and other costly IT resources.


This Java tutorial for beginners is taught in a practical GOAL-oriented way. It is recommended you practice the code assignments given after each core Java tutorial to learn Java from scratch. This Java programming for beginners course will help you learn basics of Java and advanced concepts.

Mobile Computing

Mobile Computing tutorial provides basic and advanced concepts of mobile computing. In this tutorial, you will get an overview of Mobile Computing, its continuous evolution, and the future trends of this technology. Our Mobile Computing tutorial is designed for beginners and professionals.

Cyber Security

Cybersecurity is the practice of protecting critical systems and sensitive information from digital attacks. Also known as information technology   (IT) security, cybersecurity measures are designed to combat threats against networked systems and applications, whether those threats originate from inside or outside of an organization.


Have a fundamental understanding of the Python programming language. Acquire the pre-requisite Python skills to move into specific branches – Machine Learning, Data Science, etc.. Understand both Python 2 and Python  Have the skills and understanding of Python to confidently apply for Python programming jobs. Add the Python Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) skills to your résumé. Learn Python from experienced professional software developers.

Quantam Computing

Quantum Cybersecurity is an emerging market and there are few specialist technology players capable of carrying out quantum-resilient data integration. Reply’s added value comes from the quantum skills developed in recent years, and from our experiential approach and extensive experience in the fields of networking, security, and integration.


Relational database management systemAll modern database management systems like SQL, MS SQL Server, IBM DB2, ORACLE, My-SQL, and Microsoft Access are based on RDBMS.

It is called Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) because it is based on the relational model introduced by E.F. Codd.

Predictive analytics

There are three major types of business analytics. The most common type is descriptive analytics, which gives an account of what has happened in a business. Predictive analytics, the subject of this guide, helps businesses predict what will likely happen. It looks for patterns in data and projects them forward to help businesses mitigate risks and capitalize on opportunities. 


For most job seekers, finding a job means going through rigorous procedures set up by recruiters. Even then there’s no guarantee that one will get the job. Thankfully, campus recruitment drives help students bypass the task of looking for a job. But, students must be very good at a number of things to make it past the process. SRI TULASI EDTECH helps students achieve that feat so they don’t have to struggle when finding a job.

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Cooperative learning in an undertaking climate with industry connection and coaching.


Every student deserves the chance to explore, advance, and succeed in computer science


Boot camps are short term, intense training sessions designed to prepare students for the practical reality of development. 

Industrial trainning

SRI TULASI EDTECH gives the position administrations to our understudies who are qualified in our interior screening.